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Svjata Vatra FIREWOLF red-black t-shirt for women

Artist Svjata Vatra
Product T-shirt
Suitability Women
Color Red
Genre Other
*Svjata Vatra’s T-shirt FIREWOLF is designed by designer Reet Aus.*
Reet Aus has developed an industrial upcycling method that involves complete lifecycle analysis of the garments. The method enables to circulate the leftover materials back to production inside the same factory. Most mass-production manufacturers are left with average 18% of pre-consumer textile waste that ususally is taken to landfill or burned. Each garment in Reet Aus collection saves on average 75% water and 88% energy.
Svjata Vatra T-shirts are produced following UPMADE® Cerfication criteria.
100% cotton

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