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Dramamama "Uphill Battle" LP

Artist Dramamama
Product name Uphill Battle
Product Vinyl
Genre Rock

Dramamama returns with a new album after a 8 year hiatus 

Band’s third studio album “Uphill Battle” was recorded in Nashville at Loud Recording Studios with producer Jake Burns.

Dramamama was formed in 2008 by guitarist Laur Joamets & singer Mikk Tammepõld who then recruited bassist Viljar Norman & drummer Kristjan Kallas. In 2011 drummer Ott Adamson joined the band. Previously Dramamama has released two albums “Dramamama” (2009) ja “VIP” (2012). They have won over the hearts of many Rock & Blues fans in Estonia and abroad with their authentic vintage sound, melodic hooks and virtuous playing. After a 5-year long distance relationship with the bands guitarist Laur Joamets (who moved to the States in 2013 to play in the Grammy-winning Sturgill Simpson’s band, now in Drivin N Cryin), the other three members of an Estonian rock quartet Dramamama - Mikk Tammepõld, Viljar Norman and Ott Adamson - packed their gear and headed towards Nashville for a visit in October 2018. Wasting no time they spent most of the time in Loud Recording Studio with the producer Jake Burns and came out with eight proper rock tracks to be released as an album on April 21, 2020. 

Distinctive quitar sound of Joamets, together with heavy drums and melodic bass lines from Ott Adamson and Viljar Norman respectively, topped with strong vocals of the frontman Mikk Tammepõld form an enjoyable combination of classic rock and modern production. 


1. End Of The Line
2. Uphill Battle
3. Here For A Moment
4. If Only The Night

5. Different Timings
6. When She's Feeling Down
7. Jaded
8. Come Along With Me


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