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Erki Pärnoja "Efterglow" (CD)

Artist Erki Pärnoja
Genre Other
Label Erik Lindström Music
Product CD
Signed Yes
Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Erki Pärnoja reveals his sophomore album - “Efterglow” - music for an ending. The album is a follow-up to his debut EP “Himmelbjerget”, a six piece EP released in dec 2016 described as music of wide landscapes for a film that doesn’t exist. These 8 pieces represent an insight to the spectrum of emotions that accompany the sensation of closure, like a dedication to passing times or a cinematic retrospective of a summer coming to an end. The work as a whole is mellow and rough-hewn, acoustic, and mystical. Subtle pulsating grooves follow the listener throughout  the whole album, the rythms seemingly taking us back to some distant times . Ethereal grieving synthesizer sounds blend with a distinctive cutting guitar sound, swimming in reverb and melancholy light, tracing those bitter-sweet memories of a passing summer.

1. Late August
2. Harrisson for now
3. Recognition
4. Mellow Mountain
5. Doors Dance
6. Solid Dry Idea
7. Devotion
8. Efterglow

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Camera & edit: Martin Randalu
Recording engineer (mix/master): José Diogo Neves
Produced by Britt Randma.