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Super Besse - La Nuit* (CD)

Artist Super Besse
Product name la nuit*
Product CD
Label I Love You Records
Genre Rock
Post punk/coldwave Russian singing trio Super Besse was formed in 2013 in Minsk, Belarus, by Maksim Kulsha (vocal, guitar), Alexander Sinica (bass) and Pavel Mikhalok (keyboards). The first appearances outside their homeland in 2014 were followed by rave feedback describing Super Besse as ''stunning'' and ''powerful''. Since then the band has played dozens of shows around the Europe gaining reputation of a strong live band and securing a record deal with Latvian independent label I Love You Records. Super Besse debut was 63610* that was released in 2015. 
The new album La Nuit* continues collaboration between Super Besse and I Love You Records. All nine songs are written and produced by Super Besse and mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering, New York.
''The album is about night adventures. We tried to describe the feelings and beauty of some moments at that deepest time, surrounded by gloom with a bit of melancholy.''
1. Predlogenie
2. Yunost
3. Vsegda
4. Omut
5. Net nichego
6. Noch
7. Krug
8. Strah
9. Doroga domoi

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Artist Super Besse
Product name 63610*
Product CD

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